Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)
Public service organization provided by a volunteer reserve communications group within US government agencies in times of extraordinary need. Includes rules, news, organization information and related resources.

Home Defense News
Resource to help families defend themselves and their homes against terrorism, crime, natural disasters, nuclear, chemical and biological threats.

Ol' Buffalo Family Preparedness Checklist
A comprehensive checklist and links to potential disaster and financial crisis sites.

Emergency Preparedness Center
Free guidebook to download. Illustrated emergency preparedness step-by-step checklist of survival kits and first aid supplies needed for any disaster.

The Disaster Center
Internet source for worldwide disaster information.

Surviving Disaster
How to prepare now to survive a disaster or any extended interruption in utility services or food or water supply. Includes essentials lists and tips on health, water purification, food storage, refrigeration, heat, light, sanitation, pet care, biological and chemical attacks, finance, safety, survival kits, first aid and health.

Taking Shelter From the Storm -- Shelter Plans
Provides advice and instructions for building a shelter from tornados, hurricans and other natural disasters. Includes construction plans and cost estimates. [PDF Format].

Preparedness papers.

Phoenix Disaster Services
This site provides assistance and information about disaster preparedness to rural and small urban community Emergency Managers.

Flood Resistant Building System
Information on building a flood resistant floating house, including concept and plans.

More Emergency Preparation Sites