Square foot Gardening - Anne Armstrong
Pictures and layout of a personal square foot garden.

Gardening - Square foot Method
Pictures of a small garden and basic tips.

A Small Backyard Garden
Pictures of personal vegetable, herb, and flower gardens and cultivation information.

Square Foot Gardening - TuffyDog
Pictures of personal garden and links to other square foot resources.

Square Foot Gardening
Official site of Square Foot Gardening and Mel Bartholomew, originator and author. Description, overview, news, columns, kids section, tips, humor, use wordwide, testimonials, catalog, and teacher's award.

Advantages of raised bed gardens
Describes advantages and disadvantages of raised bed gardening.

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Forum for square foot gardeners.

Gardening : Square Foot Gardening
Basic description of the technique.

The Mittleider Method - Food For Everyone
Learn Grow-Box or Soil-Bed intensive vegetable gardening methods, with free tips, techniques and FAQs. Products about technique available to order.

squarefootgardening - Yahoo! Groups
Club discussing square foot practices.

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