Funky Lab
Presents a mix of science information and activities, from toilets to steam engines. Includes quizzes, games, videos and articles on the science and the history of science.

Alaska Science Forum
Groups of articles on a wide array of topics, like volcanos, geology, living in the North, bugs, weather, and pets. Lots of weird facts.

Paper Online
Educational resource includes history of paper, discusses what paper is and has instructions to make your own paper.

Ask Dr. Universe
You can ask Dr. Universe almost anything. She'll go to Washington State University's great team of researchers for her information. She'll follow them out to the field, or into the laboratory or library, to find your answers.

Skytopia - World's Most Unanswered Science Project
Collection of science questions relating to physics, chemistry, sound, music, color and light.

Provides information, quizzes and other activities related to the U.K. science curriculum for 8-11 year olds.

How a Galileo Thermometer Works
Illustrated tutorial explains the operation of the Galileo thermometer.

Illustrated descriptions and activities on Earth Science and Space. Includes links to related materials and suggested learning activities.

Kids' Place: Science Library Adventures
Online science adventures for kindergarten and elementary school students.

EOA Scientific Learning Resources
Includes activities about the earth, space, oceans and water, weather and climate, physics and chemistry, and geography and mapping. [Requires Macromedia Flash Shockwave and Apple Quicktime].

More Science Sites