Dog and Bear as Mirror Images of Human Sexuality
Article by Yup Lee about the parallel mating habits of man, dogs, and bears.

Vulva University
Online classes on sex education through the eyes of women, open to everyone, but focusing on sexual issues related to women.

Sex Scrolls
Humor, articles, links and information on the history of sex and sexuality through the ages.

Links and articles on a variety of alternative sexual practices.

Camille Paglia's Sexual Personae
An evaluation and summary of this scholar's provocative interpretation of Western Culture and the forces that have shaped it.

It's Your Call - Making Sexual Decisions
Interactive webpages that are intended to help you make decisions about what's right for you in terms of experiencing and expressing your sexuality for both men and women, of any sexual preference.

Sexual Wholeness, Inc.
A multifaceted, nonprofit organization that promotes sexual integrity, a positive masculinity and feminity, and passionate intimate relationships through workshops, books, articles, retreats and training.

The Offspring of Aeolus - On the Incest Taboo
The cultural and psychodynamic context of incest.